Green Card for H1B in EB2


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I have completed my Post Graduation(M.C.A) in India


I have started my career in 2007.

I have worked in MNCs while I was working in India till Jun 2014.

In 2014 Jul, came to US on H1 sponsored by an consulting employer X.

I faced few issues with X and moved to another mid size consulting firm Y for a full time position.

The company X is not willing to give me the work experience letter for the duration I worked at the client's locations.

Neither, I have a colleague of the same employer X on the same client projects that I was working on.

Also, I do not know of colleagues with employer X on the same technology that I was working on.

But I can definitely reach out to the colleagues of this employer X working on different projects/technologies at other client locations.

Now, Y is sponsoring my green card.


I would like to know if I need to include my US experience at employer X to file Green card in EB2.

If so, what alternatives to do I have in the absence of the work experience certificate from them to get my GC application filed in EB2.


Appreciate your suggestions and responses.



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