H1B extension without a single entry


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I got my H1B visa stamped, issue date: 24Oct2013 & expiration: 03Jun2016.  I never used this Visa and never traveled to US since I got this visa. 


Now I am thinking of finding employment in US either through the same employer who processed my visa earlier or through a new one. I never worked with the employer who processed the visa. 


Can anyone please help me with following queries, 

- Does this visa renewal come under the cap? 

- How difficult is to do the extension through a new employer to extend my H1B? Or is it advisable to go with old employer who processed it earlier? 

- How long this process (from LCA to DS-160) take? 

- Should I do this process before June2016 or later?

- Now if I apply extension, is there a chance of rejection since I did not use my earlier visa.

- If extension approved, how many more years in total I can work in US?


- is there any other complication in my case? 


Please help me answer these questions.


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