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I went to Delhi consulate for H1b interview on March 15 and received 221g- white slip asking for additional documents. My employer's attorney provided me the documents, which I submitted along with passport on March 23. 


My spouse is in US on H1, and is taking care of our kid alone, therefore, I want to return to US asap by applying H4.

I want to know:

  1. How long should I wait before applying H4 or can I apply immediately?
  2. Since my passport was submitted along with the documents, how can I withdraw my passport?
  3. Do I need to withdraw the H1 application/petition?
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Thanks for sharing your experience.

I did mention my spouse's name in ds160, didn't mention my kid though. 

I have emailed consulate to return my passport, no updates yet. 


Anyone here tried withdrawing the passport? How long does it take after emailing? Do you get any acknowledgement after sending the email. Please share if any one has been through the same.



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