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Hello Good Morning, 

Hope you are all doing well.

I have a question and need some suggestions. My 6th year H1B is set to expire 12/31/2016 and my employer hasn't started PERM yet. 
They are thinking of initiating it at the end of this month or first week of April. 

I am a little nervous in this regard. 
They had submitted a prevailing wage back in November 2014, but I am pretty sure its expired. 

1) Do I have enough time for receiving an I -140 and possible H1B extension? 

2) Is it possible to request DOL to extend the validity of an expired PWD ?


I also believe that they haven't done any of the job posting or paper ads.


There was a nice article on Murthy's from sometime back-


I am just not sure what I might fall under.

I do have a couple of months of H1B recapture time that can be used.


Would a simultaneous filing of PWD and paper ads get me to a safe zone or is it still an ambitious shot?

Your answers and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much.

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Hi,Appreciate your responses as I am in a crunch moment!!

Employer A had initiated my GC process.Perm got approved on 20th Dec 2015 and I-140 was filed on 1 Feb 2016.Unfortunately I was laid off from company A on 23 Feb with my 140 pending.My 6 years of H1B maxes out on 28 Feb 2017.I transferred my H1 to company B and they are again initiating my GC process.If my Perm and i140 applied by company B does not get approved before my max out date,is there any way I can make use of Perm approval from company A for a 1 year extension??



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