H1b employment questions regarding work schedule and traveling over the weekends !


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I am on H1b visa. My employer is asking me to work on Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun (5 days a week, 40 hours instead of regular Mon-Fri schedule) and take off on Monday & Thursday. Can an employer do that? Are there any laws protecting H1b employees? Also, when I mentioned that I travel over the weekends (I work/live in NY/NJ area and travel on weekends to MA to visit my family and friends), they asked to get approval from them every time I go out of NY/NJ area. Are they correct in saying I need their approval even when I am traveling on weekends? I would like to make myself aware with the laws so I can speak to them appropriately. Would really appreciate any help or advice. Thanks !

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Your travel is none of the employer's concern.

The US labor laws apply to everybody, including people on H1.

Usually, working on weekends is ok if the business requires it. Think restaurant employees, for example. Or sysadmins in the IT world.

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