URGENT: Recruitment process delayed after PW determination


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I work in a permanent full-time position (am on H1B) for a large sized company that has been acquired recently by another company.


My company started PERM processing back in OCt 15, and we received the PW determination from DOL. But they have not started the recruitment process and are not responding as to why they are not.


The attorney is saying they are awaiting feedback regarding PW from my Company for 2 months now, but my Company is not responding.


Everyone who filed through my Company is in the same boat as me. Even though its a large legitimate company, I have no idea why they are stalling the process.


Any ideas what the reason could be? Thanks!

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After an acquisition, there are lots of things that could cause delays.

For example, they may plan to lay off some people. That's often the case after an acquisition, usually under the term "synergy effects"...

That would require a 6-month delay of the recruitment, if the layoffs are in the same field.

Another issue could be merging two HR departments, with different databases, etc.

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Thanks JoeF.  Generally the next step would be 30 day recruitment period followed by a 30 day quiet period for filing the PERM , correct?

 Is there a timer that expires before we need to file PERM once we get the PW determination from DOL?



My H1B is till June 2017, which was obtained by using the approved I-140 of my previous company for 3 yr extension.

God forbid but If my PERM is not approved by June 2017, what happens, is there any way of again using my previous company's approved I-140 for 3 yr extension again, or what happens?


Appreciate any guidance and ideas. What action can I take?

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