H1b Maternity leave issues....


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Hi All,


This question is regarding my wife.

She came to USA in 2013 on H4 dependent visa.

In 2015 H1b quota, she changed to H1b status and working from Oct-2015 and her i-797 valid until Dec-2016.

Her employer is consulting firm from New jersey and client location in Illinois.


She is pregnant and her due date in June.


Her Employer suggested she can go on unpaid maternity leave for 8 weeks (I.e June & July). without affecting status..


1. Can she stay on same H1b without getting paid ?

2. Is it legal to say on same H1b status without pay for 2 months, providing doctors letter explaining her situation?

3. Any issues during the H1b Extension in Sep or Oct 2016?

4. Any issues during GC process?




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