Travel to Canada GC almost expiring


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I need to travel to Canada for work on September 2016.


My green card expires a month prior which is August 2016.


I received my green card through marriage and we have yet to file Form I-751 (Removal of conditional status) 90 days before its expiration. But even then, I don't think my permanent green card will arrive before September.


I'm a Philippine passport holder.


1. First of all, I don't think I need a Visa to travel to Canada since I'm a green card holder?


2. Second, if my permanent green card doesn't arrive by then, what are my options to enter Canada and return to the US after?

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You case is a bit complicated.As always i suggest you consult an immigration attorney.


   Your GC is expiring before you plan to work in Canada. Canadian IO might ask you why you are visiting Canada. US GC holders are allowed to "VISIT" Canada not work.


   If we were to assume you already have a work permit, then on return US POE officer may assume you had abandoned your GC since you are now living and working in Canada.


   The story can be twisted and turned in many ways base on assumptions. Hence i kindly suggest you approach a immigration attorney for advice.

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