H1B Visa Stamping in Matamoros on March 17th 2016


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Hello Friends, 

I got My visa stamped in Matamoros on March 17th,2016 .  My Case is a EVC Model. 

Here is my Experience on the whole process. 

I contacted Mr.Salvador from Best Westerns hotel and he Guided me on how to get to Mexico. His Website is : https://mexicovisaservice.appspot.com/


Its always best to get Mexican visa if your US stamp is expired prior to visiting Mexico. 

We parked our Car in UETA Duty Free parking lot in Brownsville and it is few yards from Mexican Border.  Salvador Picked us from the border and he charged $208 for 2 nights stay + 2 days Free Breakfast. He also provided a Free printer for any last minute Documents that needs to be printed.  HE Drove us around the City and took us to office depot, He took us for Some Shopping, He guided in getting a Dentist Appointment and he is a Very helpful guy. Salvador Picked from Consulate and once we collected the Passport he dropped back at Border.


I would recommend him if any one is going for Visa Stamping. 


On the ASC Appointment he drove us and Waited until our Finger Prints are done. 

On the Interview date he dropped us near consulate and he gave a Telephone card to use to call him after the Interview. 


visa Experience: 

VO: Good morning 

Me; Good morning Madam, How are you doing today ?

VO: Good , Are you with the Same Employer XXX?

Me: Yes madam,

VO: How long you have been with this Employer?


VO: What do you do fro your Employer ?

ME: Programmer Analyst and Work on XXX Tools.

VO: What is your Work Location?

ME: XXX, and Working for same Client since XXX Months .

VO: Can i See the Client Letter ?

ME: I showed her the Letter and Work Location Photos.

VO: Did your Employer start Green Card Process?

ME: Yes and Said I got My I-140  Approved i was about to show the Doc and she said she does not need the Doc. 

VO: Did you do masters ?

ME; Yes i did my masters and Completed from XXX university .

VO: What was your Major?


VO : Can i see your W2 ?

Me; I showed them . 

Then the Golden Words, Your Visa is Approved and she asked to pick up at 3 PM. 

Me: I thanked the VO and came out. 





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