221 g Visa Stamp Doubt


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Hi Friends.


I had my interview on March 15,2016 in Hyderabad. I got 221g with White slip. 


VO has not requested any documents and he gave my passport back to me and told my case needs additional administrative processing


Does any one has any idea how long does it take in these cases for processing 


Any help is appreciated.


Thank You in Advance :)


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My Visa questions : 

VO: Who is your employer

Me: xxx inc
VO: What is your Salary
Me: told 
VO: What is your Highest Degree
Me: Masters 
VO: Which University
Me: told
VO: How did you Pay your Fees 
Me: told
VO: Have you ever been tagged by Immigration dept
Me: No
VO: Your application needs additional administrative processing and gave me white slip and gave my passport back 

1. Is this your first h1 stamping -- Yes 
2 . Did u complete masters in us and then converted to H1 -- Yes 
3. Are u working for end client or are u on EVC model  -- Yes 

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