H1B Approved after applying for H4 EAD (Approved Today)-Need Immediate help..!!


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Hello Experts,

I am in this situation....


I applied for H4 with my wife's H1B Extension......when that was in process i filed for COS (as i got new project) from H4 to H1B Using the H4 receipt number.


My H1B Got an RFE and by the time my Employer responded to the RFE my Project got ended. (RFE was to provide my H4 and my spouse H1B Approvals).


Later i got my H4 Approval and i applied for H4 EAD 2 weeks back.


My Employer got in touch with me 4 days back and requested for my H4 and H1B Approvals of mine and my wife's and said that they would be responding to USCIS to withdraw the case  and they clearly requested USCIS and responded to the RFE saying that I am not accepting the offer and requested that to withdraw the case. 


USCIS Still approved it and my Employer says that it's USCIS Mistake to approve the case.


​So what happens to my H4 and H4 EAD??


Is there any specific way that an attorney can request USCIS that they had accidentally approved the case and withdraw without my H4 and EAD getting Invalid??




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