H1B amendment denied without issuing RFE for education backgrounds

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1. My initial H1B was approved on NOV 2015 with location A.

2. Filed an H1B amendment in premium processing by DEC 2015 with location B

3. Got RFE by DEC last week on the amendment seeking client letter and employee - employer relationship.

4. provided all the documents and submitted to USCIS on FEB 15.

5. ON feb 29 my amendment was denied by USCIS stating the below reason.


Reason for denial.


We would like to inform you that the application has been Denied. Below are the reason.


We have submitted an expert opinion evaluation report prepared by Professor XXXXX, Computer and Information Science, . XXXX states the following regarding the beneficiary's academic qualifications and professional experience: Based on the reputation of Anna University , the number of years of coursework, the nature of the coursework, the grades attained in the courses, the hours of academic coursework, as well as approximately four years and seven months of work experience and training in management information systems, software testing and related areas.


As such, to qualify and to perform in an occupation that requires a baccalaureate degree in a specific specialty. The proffered position is that of a Computer Specialist/Testing and Quality Analyst 2 for an information technology based business; however, the beneficiary holds a baccalaureate degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Anna University , India. The record contains insufficient evidence illustrating that the beneficiary's degree in an aeronautical engineering related field qualifies him as a Computer Specialist/Testing and Quality Analyst 2. Along with the non-related engineering degree, plus the beneficiary's more than four (4) years of employment experience and training in information technology and related fields, it is uncertain how the beneficiary qualifies for the proffered position.

USCIS require the degree equivalency is being sought for the beneficiary based, in whole or in part, on an evaluation of the beneficiary's training and experience from a foreign educational credentials




What kind of documents need to submitted to to deal this case?please advice.

Can we fill the amendment for same location again with education evaluation report and training experiences?


Please please help.


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You can't do anything here, your H1 attorney has to submit those documents. What did your employer suggest?

The employer stated that we cannot rise MTR for this case.

We can file a amendment again with education evaluation document + IT experience.


Is it possible to file a amendment again  with all necessary documents for the same location where it got denied?

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