N-400 Application with Reckless Driving


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I had a question regarding my N-400 application.


I was arrested and charged with DUI (CA VC 23152a and 23152b) in Sep 2012.


In Dec 2012 - charges were reduced to reckless driving (CA VC 23103.5) with 18 months probation and some classes. I completed everything on time and completed probation.  I also got everything expunged in 2014.


I will complete 5 years as a green card holder in Jan 2017. Can I apply for US citizenship in Jan 2017? What are the chances of success? Apart from this foolish, never-to-be-repeated mistake, I have one speeding ticket (infraction; paid $100 fine) from more than 5 years ago (a non issue).


Thanks for your input...

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