Few months for GC and job change

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I would make the move if I was in your situation.

1) Your career (getting a very good offer) is far more important

2) Jan-07 EB2 may not come in 3-4 months because of the uncertainty due to upgrades from EB3

3) If all goes well and you do get your GC in 3-4 months, then you will not be able to change jobs for certain period of time (I am not sure how much...) So this is the time to change!

Originally posted by jugalkishore:

I am with my current employer since last 2 years using AC21. My PD is Jan'2007 under EB2.

I have a very good offer. Can I again change the job using AC21. Last cople of months EB2 dates are moving fast and it looks like I am 3-4 months away from getting the GC.

Please advice.

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