Travel to US - H1b Non-Cap Extension approved but I-140 got RFE


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I am currently In India as my visa was expired and PERM was not over 365 days after filing.

After coming back to India I got my PERM approved and I filed my I-140. 


Meanwhile I filed my H1B 7th year extension based on pending PERM for 365days mentioning details about my I-140 details, which got approved in Feb 16 with validity till Oct 16.


Now, last week I received RFE on my I-140 after waiting for almost 6months. My company will respond to RFE which might take almost 2 months for filing.


My questions in this case are:

Can I be able to go for Visa Stamping?

Is there any chances of visa rejection based on RFE on I-140?


If my visa gets approved and I travel to US but will not receive any decision on I-140 RFE till Oct 16, then in this case I have to file my H1B extension. correct?

whats to possibility of getting H1B extension approved?



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