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I had a valid petition from "Company A" and it was valid from oct 2006 to  September 2009. 

I had travelled to "US" on h1b from July 29,2007(Company A)
While i was working in USA,I have transferred my petition to "company B" and the petition was valid from  feb 2008 to  jan 2011. 
I was working in US  till Jan 2010 with Company B, resigned from "company B" and came back to india. I have valid pay-stubs.
I joined "company c" in india and was with "company c" till november 2014.
Now I have joined "company d" in india.
 Please note that i have not worked in the USA for the 6 years , i was there only for the above mentioned period i.e) roughly 2 1/2 year. Will i get the cap exemption this time? 
Some ppl are saying that i will not get cap exempt because my latest petition approval is feb 2008.
So 6 years + 2008 feb, is 2014 feb. So i'll not get exempt.
​While  some ppl . say, i will get cap exempt because, it will be on the expiry date i.e) jan 2011 + 6 years is jan 2017. so i can apply for cap exempt.
please clarify. whether the cap exempt of 6 years is calculated from the date of expiry of the latest approval.
will i get cap exempt this year?
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