Buying a One-way or Return Ticket for my parents who have multiple visit visa


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Hi Experts,


My parents and sister carry a 10 yr visit visa. I would like to bring them to the States on vacation. I am planning to buy a one-way ticket so that the return can be taken based on the circumstances at that point, i.e. it depends if they would like to leave early or stay for 6 months or so.


Since I am not sure of the return date,

---> Is it okay to buy a one-way fare for my family?

---> Will they not be questioned at the Indian Airport?

---> Will it cause any sort of issues with respect to cancelling of the flight at the airport by the airport officials based on one-way ticket?

---> What is the higher probability of them getting into trouble for not carrying a return ticket?

---> Is there a rule where they have to show return ticket to board the plane?

---> Can anyone just cancel my family's flight based on the one-way ticket?

---> I am planning to look for tickets through Emirates/Etihad/Qatar due to direct flights to Cali.


Please let me of a better way for me to handle this so I stay within the norms of the country regarding family visits to the US.



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