H4 to H1 COS and travel to india


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Hi All,


Thanks for looking on this Post. I am currently on H4 visa valid till Sept'17 and applying for H1 visa in current H1B quota year (2017). Below are my queries, please help me in resolving them -


Scenario 1 - My spouse recently changed employer, due to that my H4 visa also got some extension.


Query -1.  I need to know if new H4 visa stamp is needed from US consulate, when i travel to india.


Scenario 2 -  My new employer is applying for H4 to H1 COS in coming H1B quota.


Query -1. Can i travel to India after decision is made on my H1B application (Assuming my application sails through the lottery system) ?


Query -2. Which visa i will be entering back in US, existing valid H4 visa or newly approved H1 visa ?


Query -3. Should i travel between Aug to oct or come back in US after Oct'16.


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no need to go for stamping if you have valid visa in your passport.


yes you can travel.


you cannot go for stamping as start date will be around oct2017. So if you are coming before that , most probable you will come back in h4.


this is most suitable way./

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