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Hi All,


   After searching on internet for a while, I am convinced this is the best mailing list to get expert guidance.


Recently my new companies lawyer told me about EB1 A and she suggested me that I have decent chance. I am Masters with 15 years of experience. I am in late 30's and do not have want to wait for 6 years for getting EB2 green card(I am from India).

I am working in small startup where I am leading a small but quite powerful small team of engineers(all EB1 GC holders).


Following are the criteria I will apply for:


1) Evidence of your performance of a leading or critical role:


Last US MNC where I worked from India in very reputed and I played critical role in deliverable of product features. The deliverable was of significant importance for the existing 100M revenue product. I showed all sorts of technical leadership. Got awards. I will get strong recommendation from Worldwide director of the team (US citizen and person of repute).


After that I worked for 3 startups (including current), first one is now multi billion valued -- I will get recommendation from its CTO(Industry leader) stating why people like me are critical for the success of US companies. Other 2 will also demonstrate my key contribution and give me strong recommendation.


2) Evidence of your original scientific

I have 3 approved patents in US. The patents from large MNC is of importance to the company and one of the patent has been filed in multiple countries. The Director's recommendation letter will cover business aspects of patent and folks from research will provide me recommendation on its technical depth. Will also get reco from an old class fellow who is now UK citizen and has been chief architect for their Govt dept (also did consultancy for large relevant companies), to describe the hold in the domain and how I am among top in this area.


There is 1 patent under review -- That is very critical to my company and will get recommendation from industry leader , foreign citizen , to write recommendation for me. He does not work with me but advises my company.


3) Evidence that you command a high salary or other significantly high remuneration


Not sure whats the criteria here. My foreign salary was among 99percentile and current US salary is among 90 percentile in cash and if I add guaranteed annual stock grant its 96 percentile. I can command more salary if I do not work in startups.


4) Evidence that you have been asked to judge the work of others

I have started taking review requests and I will be done with atleast 4 review of papers for IEEE.


5) Evidence of your authorship of scholarly articles in professional or major trade publications or other major media

I have one article (co-author) pending under peer review and should be part of ACM in couple of weeks.

I am writing article and should be part of major media before I apply.


In total I will have 7 recommendation letter

5 whom I worked with 2 whom I have not.


out of 5 are CTO/CEO of companies mainly startup .

3 are Industry leader.


Do let me know how you guys see my chances and what should I do to improve further. Thanks.


Best Regards


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Try to see if you can qualify for other criteria's. For criteria no. 2, you can also provide reference of industrial reports/project reports. For most of us who work in industry and perform research or innovation, companies don't allow them to publish. For that reason, i would recommend that you get the recommendation letter from experts stating that you provided such contribution (if you did, ofcourse) and it wasn't allowed to publish to maintain the competitive advantage. Bottom line think beyond patents, journal publications and typical research publications. Goal is that you prove that you indeed provided original scientific contribution and that contribution has a benefit for USA. Other point to emphasis is that you indeed plan to CONTINUE to pursue and provide such contribution in future (if you really plan to). You don't have a Ph.D. so that may be a challenge but if you are solid contributors  on the criteria, then it's still worth it rather than waiting for EB-2 to come around. 

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