Can dependent travel to US after H1B extension is approved but H1B amendment is still pending?


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My H1B visa expired on 31-Dec-2015 and my employer has filed an extension in Sep 2015 the result of which I am still awaiting.

In Feb 2016, my project/location got changed and employer filed another H1B amendment petition for the same. 

In the meantime my wife has to travel to India (with H4 expired) for emergency and now we are looking for options for my wife's

travel back to US. In this regard, I have 2 questions: 


1. My extension application will be processed first so can my wife have her visa stamped based on extension approval or she has to wait for amendment petition approval as well. 


2. Once extension approval comes, can I travel to India and bring back my wife along with me (after visa stamping) while amendment is in progress or I have to wait for amendment approval and then only I can travel to come back to US.


Thanks in Advance.

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