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Dear Friends,


I need your help in taking decision


Recently(aug'15) I came to US after 4 years with OLD H1B and currently i am on H1B sixth year and my H1B extension was filed in September and still its pending.


Now  I requested to go for H1B to L1A  as I worked for more than year with same employer in india as a manager having a team(>15) reporting to me and also now working in US as a manager with team (>30) so I  am eligible to L1A and my managers are good for this to continue in US.


We have asked our immigration team whether we can file H1B to L1A after H1B extension approved (planning to change premium processing) , but my immigration team is telling that we can NOT file COS H1B to L1A as I am on H1B as a COMPUTER SYSTEM ANALYST , my LCA also shows as a COMPUTER SYSTEM ANALYST since my LCA has COMPUTER SYSTEM ANALYST can not prove USICS as I am Manager.


So can you please tell me options that have to extend stay in US without going to India as my project is till > 2018


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