Address, marriage certificate for parents green card

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I am a green card holder and my sister is a citizen. My sister is sponsoring my parents. We both live in different parts of US. However we expect that my parents will stay with me, although my sister is sponsoring the green card for them.

My questions are:

1. While filing for the green card, should we put in my sister's address since she is sponsoring green card or my address as they will be living with me?

2. My parents were married 44 years back and they did not have anything like marriage registration. I see that marriage certificate is one of the required documents for green card application. While reading through various posts in this forum I see that supporting documents could be used. They have a marriage invitation card and marriage photos. Further their passports too indicate that they are husband and wife. Is this information enough or we need to prepare anything else?

I understand this is not a legal advise forum and these are informal forums where people give their opinions. Appreciate any opinions based on past experience and any information links.


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Here are my responses based on personal experience. 


1. The address need to be the sponsor's address. In your case, your sister's address for all communication. I think there are options on the I-130 to have additional addresses mentioned. But its always, better to have primary sponsor's address. Once your parents receive the green card, it is much easier to change the address later on.


2. I did not have this issue, but I think a formal affidavit from relatives who were present at the time of marriage should suffice along with the other proofs you have already.


All the best.

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