I-140 Approved, Changed Employer B- I-140 revoked and Change Employer Again


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I need guidance please help me.

I got I-140 Approved in 2014 from Employer A, within 1-2 months I changed job to Employer B.  Got extension for 3 years that was valid until Feb 2017.


Employer A has revoked my Approved I-140. and Employer B, started I-140 process but disconnected as soon as I moved to Company 'C'.


Company C has started regular processing and from March 2015 and in between there was RFP for additional documents. Company C has responded that. 


On Dec 2015 company C has started premium processing and now got RFE again for why extension need to give after 6 year completed.


As per my Attorney we should get extension what your view do you think i will get extension?


If not and denied what options I have? I need to start H1B process after 1 year?


Please guide me help me too much stress and tension.

Thanks much

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hi Rohang,

one more question base on employer A approved I-140 I got extension for 2017 and moved to B. 

Now moved to company C won't get extension till 2017? My I-140 is withdrawn after 2 years. 


Company C has done premium processing in 15 days we should come to know but want to know expert views also.


This is what ***************** is saying in her blog:**********************


'Second, what if the H-1B transfer is approved, but the new green card process has not been started yet, and the I-140 petition is withdrawn? The H-1B transfer is still valid, but the next extension can only be granted if a new labor certification and I-140 petition are approved by the time the extension needs to be filed.' 


Thanks much

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