Change in position titles, impact on GC papers


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I am currently working as a faculty in the Psychology Department of a university.


I have a job offer from the School of Business in another University, with the title 'Assistant Professor in Management.'  


My specialization (Industrial/Organizational Psychology) is about applying psychology principles in workplace/organization. But the new job title is on 'Management'.


My questions are:


1) Can such differing qualification and job titles create issues when applying for PERM or I-140 or say even in visa stamping interview (if I travel to India after getting a new H1b for new job here)?


2) I currently have EB2, I-140 approved through current employer. Anyone with experience of changing faculty position and have their previous I-140 revoked and loosing their PD? 


3) My 6th year H1b will end in August 2018. If new employer starts the PERM in Sept of 2016, would that give me enough time to hopefully secure a new I-140 by August, 2018?



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