IWP option for H1B extension on approved I-140 from different employer


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Hello - Question is about the "Interview Waiver Program" option. 


I had my H1B from employer A for the first 4 years and got I-140  approved with the same employer A.


Then I got H1B transferred employer B in 2013 mid. 6 years cap was due for October 2015. Employer B then filed a petition for renewal based on I-140 (from employer A) in June 2015. Visa was expired in October and I had to travel to India in November in 2015, couldn't return as the petition approval (in regular processing) took longer than 7 months. Last week it got approved and I am waiting for the approval notice and documents for the stamping.


Its been 4 months since the visa was expired and I am currently in India. The renewal  in after the 6 years cap expiry and that I-140 from previous employer. With this situation, am I still eligible for IWP / Dropbox option?


I read the IWP / Dropbox checklist and I don't see anything specific to I-140 based extensions and it looks like still eligible.


Any thoughts, suggestions will be really helpful.


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