PERM Application with Previous Employer- possible??

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Hi All,



I was working for employer XYZ. With employer XYZ I had my perm approval .For some reason I left that company before i-140 approval.


I joined ABC company and they filled my Perm again, it's been 7 months now (Applied on August 2015), i'm still waiting for the Perm approval.

My H1-B 6 years window is getting completed in 2 months



1. If I join back employer XYZ, will they be able to file i-140 based on the previous PERM approval

2. Do I need to take any precautions.


...Tips / Tricks / Suggestions / Comments are welcome...

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1) no, i think perm validity is just 6 months.


if it was filed in AUG, it is about to come as Aug perm are getting response now. as soon as you get PERM approved, file I140 in premium, once you have response on I140, immediately apply for H1b extension.


You have no time to waste, so keep all documents ready and share this plan with company's immigration team/lawyer.


it is certainly doable.

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