H1 B Stamping in Hyderabad


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Hello All,


         Firstly , thanks everyone for sharing their interview experiences . I wanted to post this for a while but had some issues logging in my account . Nevertheless , I went to India and got my Visa Stamped  Im in E - V - C Model.


The process was very simple , it hardly took 15 minutes for me to enter the consulate and come out . Many wish to go to either Canada /Mexico or Jamaica , but i was prepared for any outcome and chose to go home and spend time with my family rather than go stay in a Motel/Hotel in an Unknown city . My simple suggestion is , dont delay the process . Just go and get it done. So here is my experience :


In India we need to give biometric information , so its technically a two day process . I went to Hyderabad and stayed in a Hotel near Begumpet , its usually 1500 to 2500 Rs per Day in a mediocre hotel and the auto drivers will rip you off , i just taught i am tipping them and did not bother about the extra 50 to 100 Rs.  


First day , you take your Appointment letter and its takes less than 10 minutes to give your finger print and your photograph . Make sure you give a nice smile , because the photo taken in the bio metric appears on your VISA :)


Guys/Girls , i just wanted to add some humor on your stressed up schedule . I know what all runs in our mind till its actually done . Anyways lemme come to the main point :


ME : Hello , How are you ?


VO : Good , Thanks !


VO : Who is your petitioner ?


ME : Employer Name


VO :Client ?


ME : Told . ( Client is a pretty big company in the United States.)


VO : Role  




VO : How many years have you been working with your employer ?




VO : VISA Approved.


ME : Thank You.


And on my way in the next counter , i wished one girl Good luck , she was looking bit tensed since the VO in that window was asking more questions.


And it took a week for me to get the passport at the VFS office .


Good luck everyone , life is very simple sometimes we just make it complex . All the above answers were one word and the interview was less than 60 seconds and I had a huge file with lots of documents , not even a single paper was asked.




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