H1b transfer before H1b amendment update.


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Hello everyone,


I am working for an employer X and they have filed my H1b amendment for my current project in July 2015. Now I am planning to change my employer before getting an update from USCIS regarding my H1b amendment.


I have heard in some forums that in recent times USCIS is issuing RFE's for those going for an employer(Y) change prior to the approval of H1b amendment. When I reached my new employer(Y) with this information, they updated me as long as client letter is submitted, we are fine to proceed on H1b transfer.


Appreciated if someone could provide some insights on this which best suits my situation.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi, I am in the same situation right now. My amendment petition filed (due to location change) by employer A was just received by USCIS in Feb 2016 and no decision has been taken (regular processing) as of now. Shortly after this, I accepted an offer from employer B who is going to file an H-1B transfer petition in Apr 2016 in premium processing. My I-94 is valid until Jun 2017.


I am worried if the new petition by employer B can be denied as the amendment petition is still in process!


Do you have any suggestions? What could potentially result in denial of transfer petitions while amendment is pending?



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