F1 Stamping in Canada ?


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Dear Friends,

I have applied for COS from H4 to F1 in February, 2015 and got my approval in December, 2015.  I need to complete 4 more courses for graduation. Would it be good idea to go for stamping now, if yes am I eligible to go take visa interview at Canada/do I need to go to home country for the visa interview? I truly appreciate your time to provide your suggestions/inputs. Mainly I would like to know if I can take visa interview at Canada or not. Anyone who had in similar situation and went to Canada for stamping?

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Hello kv3003,

Yes you are eligible to give visa interview in Canada. Once you took an appointment at US consulate in Canada, then you can apply for visitor visa for Canada, and do the needful.

If interview and stamping process goes well, you should get your passport back with in a week from interview date. But if visa officer decides your case needs administrative processing/ further review, then it could take few weeks- few months more to get the decision and hence your visa. For this time you need to stay in Canada. 

I gave my F1 visa interview in Ottawa on Jan 14, 2016 and visa officer gave me 221 g form (due to research background) and said my case needs further administrative processing. I haven't heard from embassy yet. I'm still waiting in Canada to get my visa.

So you need to decide if process gets prolonged, then where you could afford to wait, Canada or India or somewhere else. Ideally one is advised to go to home country, but one can go to neighboring countries.

I hope this helps. Good Luck.


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