H1B - LCA Role change and Amendment and its Impact on I140 Processing and subsequent H1 Extension


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I have few questions with regard to a possible change in my H1b LCA Role and its impact to my Green Card Processing which is currently in I140 Stage.


Scenario: My current H1b LCA Role is Software Architect, Applied Green card PERM for [Software Architect ] and got Certified. Due to changes in the Business Organization within my current organization, All Architect Roles are Mapped to  Consultant Roles. My Immigration team is suggesting me to Raise an Amendment to change the LCA to Reflect current role mapping.


Could you please help me understand the impact that the new Amendment would cause my Green Card processing which is currently under I140 Stage.

1. Impact during I 140 Stage.

2. Impact during H1b Extensions once I140 is approved [On what Based USCIS would approve H1B? New LCA based on the Role and Location, or my  Approved PERM]

3. Its Impact on I485 Application.


Should I pursue the option to go ahead with H1b Amendment or Request to Change my Internal mapping back to Architect L2

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