H1'b - LCA Job Title Implications towards GC Process.


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Hi All,
I have been working as Contractor for XXX Company on H1'b for 3 years & Applied GC in 2013 with the same company as my employer and got PERM & I-140 Approved.
Over past 3 years whenever I joined a new project, my company use to file H1'b - LCA  as "Systems Analyst " as my Job Title.
For my current project which am about to join in a week, the Primary Vendor and the Client has mentioned "Applications Database Administrator" ,as my Job Title & my company has applied the LCA with the same Job Title : "Applications Database Administrator" .
Also I Knew that H1'b - LCA don't have the candidate information in it. But Still I am little bit concern with regards to the GC process.
And with above certified LCA and PO between the Primary Vendor & Client, I am about to apply for the H1 Extension as well.
               As am in the middle of my Green Card process, will there be any impact of any sort by changing the job title in my H1'b- LCA filing? Any workarounds or suggestions are really appreciated! 
I need you advise and will act accordingly.


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