Urgent Help : H1B Stamping 221g in Chennai


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Hi everyone, 


I could really use some advice and suggestions on my situation. 


A few days ago me (H1B renewal) and my wife (H4 - EAD) attended our visa interview in Chennai and got a 221g (need end client letter). I am on EVC model and this is my second H1B renewal.   


The interview officer asked for Client letter and my vendor clearly mentioned that this is not possible per the agreement. My previous H1b approval and visa stamping were all in the same scenario but I guess I was lucky at that time. 


Now, my vendor has agreed to write out a document indicating that the end client will not give out any kind of letters and is the case with all contractors under the client. 


My Questions are :


1. Will this document suffice what is required for 221g (I know its not what is mentioned in 221g)?

2. Are there other documents I could ask my vendor to provide ?

3.  How long does it usually take for immigration officer to respond once I send the documents via email (I know there is no definitive answer... just looking for what your experience has been)



Thanks a lot in advance. 

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   I had a similar experience during my H1 renewal in 2012 in Chennai. I  got 221g greenslip asking for client letter( I had only statement of work from client). I was on EVC model too  and my client had no policy to issue letter to contractors. I tried hard to get a letter from client  but was not lucky. My client emailed vendor saying that's not their policy and vendor forwarded me that email.


Finally, I submitted below documents writing a cover letter to VO  listing  enclosed documents



1) MSA agreement copy of client and vendor

2) Agreement copy between vendor and employer

3)  I  just sent a copy of the email from my client sent to vendor saying its not their policy.

4) vendor Letter


After submitting documents I received my passport stamped  in less than 3 weeks.


Try to document it well before submitting documents. Have a separate page with title and enclose document under title page ...


Clear documentation would help them go through documents easily and avoids lot of confusion.



Good Luck!












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