Change of employer - I-140 - PD - please advice


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Hello There,


Thanks for checking this post.


I have a situation where I'm in my 9th year of H1b and my current employer A applied my perm and I-140, both are approved. My PD is Dec 2012. However I do not have any documents related to Perm or I-140, just the number. My current H1b expires Nov 2017.


Future Employer B is offering me Full-time. If I change - (what are the implications?)


1) Do I need to provide documents related to Perm or I-140 to my new employer B, or just the number would be suffice?

2) Can I get the same PD?

3) What if my current employer A revokes I-140, will that impact my PD, during the process of H1b transfer or during Perm or I-140 apply by employer B

4) Employer A is not willing to provide experience letter too, will this impact my H1b transfer or Perm or I-140 submission or approval.

5)Should I apply H1b Transfer first and then tell my employer A that I left him ? Will I get 3 years of extension?.

6) When should I start my new GC process with employer B - I know they need to start from scratch again - what if they want to do only after an year.


What is the best process to follow to not be in any legal trouble and a happy ending.



Apologize for too many questions, but would appreciate if someone could please provide answers to the above.


Thank you very much for directing me in a right way.




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Hi Gurus,


I just spoke to my Attorney, apparently the most "famous" one - and they mentioned they can't do H1B transfer (and get a 3 yr extension or just until the current I-797 expiration date) as I do not have any document of I-140 with me. I mentioned I have the Alien (A) number along with SRC and printout of I-140 petition approval. 


Is this true? or they are trying to play safe.



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