H1B extension - Whats the latest date for which application was processes/approved


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I submitted my H1B extension on July 28th but still didnt receive anything so far. Whats the latest date for which application was processes/approved

there is no latest date. USCIS approving cases here and there.

people who applied last week of May and 1st week of June are waiting still, but 2nd week of June and even some July petitions got approved (all regular). so no one know what's going on in USCIS. 

fingers crossed!

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I don't get  it. What is the relation between Premium processing and Education background/Experience. I mean as long as you have valid H1 & it is expiring, you are eligible to apply for extension either normal or premium processing.


Actually my Attorney is scaring me that this may get an RFE on education qualification so want to take other opinions.



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Dear All,


- Once employee's position rolled off @ end client location, Can he start working for his current employer's different client at different location while H1B pending?

     - if YES, Is it possible to file/submit LCA and amendment while H1B extension pending state?

     - if NO, Will status will become illegal after his position rolled off at present client location?


- If Current employer, H1B extension Upgraded to Premium and OK to retain employee at current location till H1B petition approved (Hopefully 2-3 weeks). Will there be any any problem with immigration laws?

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I had filed for extension on Sept 11 2015, did not receive approval till first week of Feb 2016, changed to premium in second week, received approval notice through attorney on Feb 25th 2016. Felt it was not worth waiting for few more months, especially as my H1B was expiring. 

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