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Below is my status


EB3 Category
- Applied for 485 in 2007
- Married after filled 485
- need to keep H1B active so that Wife has valid status (H4)
- Need to apply for H1B extension soon
1) Recently I came of know that I can apply for EAD and AP and also use AP to travel to India and do not need to go for H1 B Stamping, is this true and is this advisable, should i apply for EAD and AP  
2) What is the downside if I go to India and come back on AP I am aware that i need to have my h1b active and my Wife has to get H4 stamped before she comes back
3) If I have AP can i still go and get my H1B Stamp is there a negative to doing this
4)  If there are issues in stamping can i use my AP to travel back.
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