Visa interview at Toronto on Jan 14, 2016. Visa Approved. Waiting on Administrative processing. No slips


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My h1b visa interview was on Jan 14, 2016. The interview itself went well.


I was asked simple questions. And finally told that my visa application is approved but my information is not updated in the system so they will take probably an extra day to approve it. 


The visa officer took my passport and h1b (form I-797).


I was not given any forms of slips. Just the booklet on my rights.


However my status is currently on Administrative processing since Jan 15, 2016 and I am waiting in Toronto. 


I sent an email to the US Consulate in Toronto. Was sent the automated email back. Still waiting for an actual response since Jan 20, 2016.


I am trying to figure out what are my options?

  1. Wait till my h1b and passport is returned (hopefully with stamp)
  2. Figure out option to go to India (home country) and stamp again. Is this possible?
  3. Any other option?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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@Vgowri-  Do  not panic as  PIMS takes  ( from US Consulate), 4-5 Business days  so you will get it by this week . If you would  have updated before you scheduled , you should be fine in 2-3 biz days  after appointment.


PIMS it self takes less than 24 hrs to get updated  if you /your employer would have done this early to save some time.


Congratulation by the way for stamping.  Please share  Q's asked by VO.

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Yeah, I am waiting and my office is also following up.


However, I am not able to read anywhere the process about getting the passport back for those who are tired of waiting. Not that I am thinking about it but would like to know if there is a process to get one's passport back.


Any thoughts?

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Got the notification email from US Consulate in Toronto that they have mailed my passport to the pickup location.


And CEAC says Visa is Issued.


Hopefully this long (two and half weeks) stay in Canada will come to an end Tomorrow.

Hi Gowri, could you please send me your email id? I need some info regarding the stay and PP pickup in Toronto.

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