Green Card for Family member (Brother /Sister)

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Can my brother file GC for me, Currently he is having GC and will get his Citizenship soon (6-8 months).I am on H1B and my employer is ready to start my GC process. Is their any benefit of filing GC through blood relation (Brother/Sister) .


1) How long it takes to changes the status to Citizenship & After getting citizenship how soon he can start the GC process for me, Once he  gets his GC Is their any certain wait period to start GC process for others.

2)Is their any benefit of filing GC through Blood relationship (Will I get GC soon as compared to be field by my employer).

3)Once my employer filed my GC, and after getting I-140 Can I change and continue process through my brother or else I have to stick with my employer only till I get my GC.

Is their any fast track option to speedup my process for GC.

4) How much it will cost (approx.) to my brother for my GC process.

5)Do I need to file GC separately for my wife and sun. 



Thanks is advance.....

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There is not specific benefit. Its just like any other GC processing with a wait time of more than 12 years at the moment.


1. He can start applying for your GC (Family Base) as soon as he gets citizenship.

2. No. GC through employment is faster than Family Base GGC

3. Both are different processes and will run in parallel. There is nothing to switch. There is nothing called fast track. No shortcuts whatsoever. 

4. Filing fees for I130 application.(Look at USCIS website for details)

5. If its Family based, I think you can apply for them when you are ready to apply for change of status (that is after you wait for over 12 years to have your PD to be current)


All the best.

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