H1B Extension and subsequent RFE's


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I have had a rather strange H1B extension, that is still going on.


My employer applied for an extension in Sep2015, and I got an RFE on Sep30, 2015. My employer replied to the RFE in Nov24, 2015.

I got a 2nd RFE on Dec03, 2015 for which my employer still needs to reply to.


On Jan04, 2016 I saw that my case status at USCIS site was updated again with the following:

"On January 4, 2016, we mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129..."


My employer says that he hasnt responded to my 2nd RFE, so there is no question of the 3rd RFE.


Upon going through internet for reasons, I came across some topics which indicate that this may be due to the new Visa fees rule.

I am not sure if this why my Case status was updated again (3rd time) at USCIS website.


If anyone has any knowledge on this or are in a similar position, kindly share the information.






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