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Hi all.

I will really appreciate any suggestions .

I recently got a contract job with a multinational company (company b ) and transferred my h1b to a reputable vendor . I resigned my full time job (company a)last Friday and started working with the new job based on the receipt . I got to know yesterday that I got an rfe (employer employee relationship) and I am really tensed as to what will happen if it gets rejected . I called my old employer requesting them to take me back but unfortunately they won't take me back but they said that they can run my payroll for 2 more weeks (February 1st)

1) can I start an other h1 b process with other company (company c)for a full time job based on my company a pay checks . I already signed company b i9 and w4 and I only worked there for 3 days will it be legal to start another h1 with the old pay checks .

Please advice me I am really tensed as to what might happen if it gets rejected

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