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Hi ,


I have expired L2 visa with valid Ead(25th Feb 2016) and valid I94(18th May 2016).

My H1b is approved without change of status and now to continue working after 25th Feb 2016 i need to be in H1b status. I dont have H1b stamped on my passpost and this is my first H1b. I do not have master's degree in Usa and I have total 3 years of USA work experience.

I am given below option


1. Go to nearest Canada border and immediately re-enter with New I-94( H1b) It will give me h1b Status. 


Is it tru? can it be done this way as per automatic re validation? 



Please help!!!

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My company's lawyer is suggesting that. She is confident that I can re-enter with new i-94. I have to ask at border to implement my H1b.

I am really worried. My company is forcing me to follow our attorney's suggestion.


You do not have a H1B I94 to ask for automatic visa revalidation. Looks like your employer's attorney is incompetent. You need to go for H1B visa stamping.

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