H1b without change of status


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Hi ,

I have expired L2 visa with valid EAD (25th Feb 2016 )and I94 (till May 18th 2016). My H1b approved on 27th October 2015 without change of status.

Now my employer is saying I cannot legally work in United states after 25th Feb 2016  and I have 3 options.


1. Go to canada border and re-enter immidiatly. as per automatic revalidation i am supposed to re-enter with H1b I94. and My problem solves.although I do not have H1b stamp on my passport. My company's lawyer is saying I do not need stamping to re-enter.


2. If above scenario doesnot work. I am advised to go to Canada consulate for Visa stamping. I have heard going to Canada for first time stamping is not advised but again this is second option given to me. I do not have MS degree from US and have 3 years of US experience.


3. Go to Home country and get it stamped. In my opinion this is safest option but my company is not willing to sponsor my trip. 


I am really in need here. Please help!!!

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