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I need to travel to India on January 27, 2016 urgently and will return on February 22, 2016. My current OPT expires on February 1, 2016 and OPT Extension status is still 'Case was received on November 9, 2015'
Please assist me with following questions,
1. When does my I-94 expires, since I have provided that information to USCIS while applying for OPT Extension. Departing from US would have any impact on I-94 investigation ?
2. I will be expediting the process on 25th Jan, since then 75 processing days will completed. So expecting my EAD by 10-11 Jan. This will be mailed to India before returning to US.  Please let me know if this is all fine.
3. What kind of risks are involved in traveling this time.
Thank you for your kind consideration into this matter and looking forward for your prompt response.
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Hi Shimi,

I am in the same situation as yours. I have applied for OPT extension and was planning to visit India on March. My OPT ends Feb 11th. I have applied for OPT extension two days ago. Hoping to get the approval before i leave from here. Are you able to comeback to USA without any issues? I have all valid documents like employer letter, client letter, OPT receipt notice and Pay slips. Please reply to my post when you get a chance. Thank you



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