H1B Extension with I140 Approved


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Please help me to answer my question, if you have already gone through the same situation or if you know the answer for sure

+ My I140 approved with company A and I have moved to Company B. 
+ Currently I have consumed 4 years out of 6 years H1B quota, H1B is going to over by late 2017. 
+ When Company B filed H1 transfer, they used my approved I140 to get the 3 years of extension. 
+ Due to company B's forcast is not well, they are going in downsizing. I may have to leave the job.
+ I am planning to leave the company B in another 2-3 months by that time company B will not be able to start the GC process.By this time i will have only 1.5 years left for H1B quota to be over.
+ When I am going to join company C, Please see my question below.
1. will Campany C be able to use my I-140(approved from company A) to get the 3 years H1B valid petition?
2. By the time company C will start the GC process, I may have only 1 year left on H1 quota.Current time line to get the I140 approved is around 1-1.5 years.
will campany C be able to get the H1 extension beyond 6 years using approved I140 ( from company A) or I-140 which will be in process from Company C? 
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