J2-dependent travel during J1-waiver is under review/process by DoS/UCCIS


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Again good to see you all helping each other ! I will be very thankful to this forum making this happen.


I am on J1 Visa (Teacher) and my DS 2019 expires August 2016.


I have two questions:


1) My wife alone planning to go to India due to some family emergency,So can she travel (she is on J2) to India and come back US during my j1Waiver (DS3035) under review /process  by DoS and USCIS?


2) Does J2 dependent requires signature to travel by Responsible Officer for travel validation?

If so she already got sign for travel  validation in May 2015 because she had to go to India in May 2015 and came back August 2015 (I hope it is vaild for 1 year -For  Teachers , since it is a long 3 years programme ?( valid 6 months for short scholars and 4 months summer camp workers).

My question is if my wife (j2) has to travel to India again now do you think she has to get travel authiorization again or does old sign valid until this May 2016?


I really appreciate if some body throw me light in this regard..I will be very thank full to you.






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