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I am on H1B since long time on & off to US with same H1B petition.
I have transferred my H1B to employer B from employer A (9 months) and worked for 4 years then filed for transfer to employer C(worked for 3 months) but not transferred due to employee and employer relationship then went back to home country and joined in employer D, after few years again joined with same employer B in my home country and filed my H1B extension in CAP exempt  quote got approved for 11 months then travelled (after 1 year 3 months with employer B in home country as a manager) to US with same employer B as a manager , now filed H1B extension around 4 months back
I may get 7 months extension (till July/Aug) if they consider my previous stay , however not sure when I get approvals ,if we consider current processing time it may take 3 to 4 more months  so  I may have a chance to stay  3 to 4 months after approval considering no RFE.
Now my question is
1) can I request my employer (B) to file L1A/B or wait for H1B extension approvals? employer may take 2 months to file once requested.
2) If I file L1 petition any chance of rejection as my H1b extension under process?
3) Any impact on my H1B extension petition if i file L1 now
4) should I go out of country after L1 approvals?
Please suggest.
Thank you very much in advance for your valuable suggestion.


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Hi Jairichi,


Thank you for your response, buy my question was any issues if i file petition for L1A/B when H1B extension is in process.


Can any one please help me 


Looks like you did not understand. If you have stayed in US on H1B for 5 years you are not eligible for L1B unless you stayed outside US for a year after which a L1B petition can be filed. If you fulfill L1A requirements then a COS can be filed.

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