H1B extension and process to follow beyond 240 days


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Case Background:


My H1B visa end date as per I94 was May 31st 2015 and USCIS accepted the extension request on May 14th 2015 and issued receipt, WAC15161XXXXX.


As the 240 days of legal stay from the I94 expiration date is Jan 26th 2016, I have placed an request to process my application in Premium and USCIS considered to process the application in premium on Jan 14th 2016.

Current status of my application with USCIS is “ My Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed “.




As the application currently getting processed in premium and pending with USCIS,


a)      Is it allowed to work and stay in US beyond 240 days, which is completing on Jan 26th 2016? If Yes, will it be Out of Status and will that affect my future travels to US ?


b)      If I have to return back to base location, INDIA. What are the process to follow?


c)      Once the application is processed and approved, can I come back to the same account, location as the Project and bill ability are still valid?


d)      Is there any other processes to be followed ?


I am worried. Could you please help me ?

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