H1B Amendment


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Deal All,


I have joined a company B from company A on June 2015.

From company A, I have my H1B visa stamped till Dec 2016.

I have the i-797 from company B.

After joining company B, after 3 months, I have changed my location, so they have filed the amendment.

The amendment was filed on Sep 2015 which is still in progress.

I am traveling to India in Feb.

Can I come back with my existing I-797 or do I need to have the amendment approval at the port of entry ?



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My current I-797 is valid till Jan 2018 which is my H1B max out date.

The amendment filed will also have the same expiry date.

So there is no extension requested in the amendment.

I have the copies of Client letter, Paystubs, I-129 and I-797C for the amendment.

Will this suffice for the Port of entry ? 

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