H4 out-of-status | H1 inprogress


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Hi , Here is my case & any sort of suggestion will help


H1 : Stamped until Dec-2016 :: i94expired due to passport expiry Sept-2015 , so H1 extension was filled & in-progress from Jun-2015

H4 : Stamped until Dec-2016 :: i94 expired on 02-Jan-2016


Realized late that cannot stay in country with i94 expiry, & couldn't apply any extension. My spouse left India on 10-Jan-2016

Question is :

1) I am doing premium for H1 & planning to get my spouse back in to country. is there any other way to do right

2) Is this 8 days out of status for H4 causes any issue at "port of entry". Any suggestion how to overcome.

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