H1B successful visa stamping-Matamoros Mexico 12-1-2016


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Stamping done in Matamoros, Mexico successfully .....


Service took : Salvador Service

Visa Type : H1b Renewal

Date Visa Interview : 12-01-2016.


Reaching Matamoros : (10-01-2016)

Reached Brownsville, TX by Jan 10th eve. Salvador picked me up in the border and dropped me up in hotel by himself.


Finger Print and Photos: (11-01-2016)

Salvador picked us(4 of us) up in the hotel by 8:45 and reached the place by 9:00. It took 10 minutes he waited for us once done he dropped us in the hotel back.


Visa Interview: (12-01-2016)

Salvador picked me from hotel by 7:45 and dropped us in the Consulate and he left. 


VO : Are you with same employer or you changed?

Me : Yes.

VO : have you ever been on the bench?

Me: No

Vo : Employer location


Vo: Please collect your Visa  by 3:00 PM


Came outside and called the Salvador number from the opposite store(Details mentioned in his website). His employee from Hotel picked us and dropped back to the Hotel.


Collecting the Passport : (12-01-2016)

Salvador took to the US Consulate by 3:00 PM. Asked me to show some ID proof showed my Driving License and they gave the passport and then he dropped us in the border and we just need to walk to the US border get a new I-94 by paying $6 and 25 cents to cross the border.


Salvador service was good..no difficulties..food , hotel was good....




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