Is H1 to H4 COS needed if never traveled on H1B?


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Hi Experts


My wife and I got our H1B petitions approved. I have an immediate requirement to join for my client, while she does not have an immediate requirement. Both of us are currently in India and my wife has never traveled on her H1B.


We are planning to go together with her as a dependent H4 to me. Do we need to apply for a change of status for her from H1B to H4? Since we are both in India, is that really needed? 

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I wanted to ask same question. Got the answer but one more doubt.


Will H1B be still valid after getting H4 visa? And can I search for job in US based on H1B?

As long as USCIS does not cancel H1B visa it is valid. But, if you enter US on H4 you will be on H4 status. You can look for jobs. But, to start working an employer has to file a H1B petition.

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